I am going to take a full photo of my workspace here in a few days to go along with one of my Getting Ready for Project Life 2014 posts. However, I really wanted to show you some photos of the photo/ multi purpose organizers that we have. I had never gotten around to posting it on here and then once I realized it I had already changed how I was using it! So here we are!

I know I am biased, but it is an awesome product because you can use it for so many things. My original plan was to sort my photos for the coming year in it as I get them..because I am being real with myself and betting I will eventually be behind. However..it’s not the coming year yet and I found I had a need for it right now!

 As a crafter I have little things like mists, adhesive, tiny attacher…etc. scattered about. Not tons, but quite a few different things in different places like everything else in my house. (It really is a problem around here). So I decided to put some of my odds and ends in it!

Here it is in the front. I mostly only have Becky Higgins Project Life supplies, but there are a couple sets of random goodies that I have. I was lucky enough to snag one of the Elle’s Studio Black Friday Grab Bags for $3. I hadn’t ever bought from there, but I had looked a couple of times and was really excited to try them for such a great price! I got cards and some cute little elements! Totally worth the $5 or so! Then I scored one of the WRMK discontinued cards sets from an online swap group. I love love love them! They are the Dreamy cards and they are fantastic! (I tried to find a link online so you could see them, but I had no luck. I really like the WRMK cards though. Lots of fun sets!) I like to organize my cards based on set or collection so I had those but needed somewhere for them to be! They got the first two slots in my organizer. 🙂 

Here is a top view. You can see I just left the first two removable dividers in for those cards. Then I took out a divider to make room for my glue dot roller and refills and some adhesive squares and one of my stamp pads. I debated taking out all the rest of the dividers, but there was just a smidgen of room left that made a few things not stand up, and I wanted them standing up all orderly like. The last space has my mists (I don’t have a lot of supplies! I told you guys I was a digi scrapper..I am new to all this really!), an acrylic block (I need more of those too. *sigh*) and my tiny attacher

Voila! I love it so much and it’s a great size. It fits on my little shelves but holds a lot of stuff! It worked perfect for these goodies and I am going to have to have another for my stamps (which then I will want to move the inks and mists to be with those..Eventually I will find the perfect system for me!)

So..I hope that that shows you a bit better what that organizer is good for. The original images I had just showed all the divider in and lots of cards and photos in it. This really could be used for oodles of things!