Great news everyone! My first batch of photos are on their way and my kit that was back ordered has been shipped as well! YAY! Hopefully next week I can start sharing my pages with you! Crossing my fingers they aren’t awful. I am my super simple plan so I think it will come together quickly and easily once I get going! Luckily, I have been taking my photos daily so I feel prepared and not overwhelmed in the least which is surprising!

I thought I would pop in here real quick and share a little collage of 4 of my favorites so far. I decided to go black and white for all of my photos…mostly. I saw some awesome inspiration in Ali’s December Daily Facebook group that I might incorporate for color photos. I’ll share as I work on it! I also have been compiling a list of inspiration ideas for days you don’t do much or don’t get a photo. Come back in a day or two for that!

I am not a professional photographer by any means, but I have been practicing lots with this December Daily and hoping I get better! I do have 1 other child. He’s not as cooperative, but you will see him in other photos! At 11 you are already too cool for pictures anymore I guess. Wah! I hope you all are snapping way and getting this special and magical time of year documented! I will see you soon!