Hello everyone! I thought my first post on my brand new blog and website should be an introduction of sorts! Most of you who made it here probably already know me and I love you so much! I am so grateful for the people in my life and in my creative life who have been supportive and find their way to me when I move sites and things. It makes my heart so full and happy! I thought once a month I would do some kind of “about me” post so people can get to know me a little better. I kind of hate Facebook, so this seems like a much better idea and way to share than as a post. However, I will have the posts publish to my Facebook page just in case some prefer that. <3 

For those who don’t know, you can read about me up top in the About Me section, but wanted to do a wee post as well. I would love to get to everyone better so I think I will regularly do a bit of an info post about me, my scrapbooking journey, and/or my family! My name is Crystal and I am a dedicated memory keeper and storyteller. I found digital scrapbooking while I was pregnant with our third child, Miss Stella. A friend from my mommy boards (Hi Mari!) told me about it and all the fun she had while doing it. I was not feeling well when pregnant due to a giant baby and lots of kidney problems, so something like this that didn’t take a lot of physical effort was perfect! I have always wanted to be creative but lacked space, time and money. Something like digital scrapbooking was so amazing because it was really affordable and easy to learn and there was no space needed. I spent tons of time learning and honing my skills and finding my style. In the end I realized I wanted to tell stories and work on my photography. 

Me and my Stella Bella a few years ago <3

After a while I decided that I would make digital templates so other people could spend LESS time working on their own pages and MORE time out creating memories. It is really important to me to give memory keepers tools to help them in their creative processes so it is easier on them. I want people documenting and LOVE being able to be a part of their memory keeping! I currently sell my digital templates at Sweet Shoppe Designs and I am sooooo happy to be there! It’s pretty much my digi home and one of the very first places I bought from when I found digital scrapbooking. I have been there for years and was proud to be a Sugarbabe, now turned designer. I work pretty hard on the tutorials at Sweet Shoppe as well and I am always looking for new things to teach everyone about, so if you ever want to know something or want a tutorial for something, feel free to shoot me a message so I can work on it! 

A semi recent original page of mine celebrating our 14th anniversary.

I am super excited to be on the forum/community team at Scrapaneers as well. It is THE place to be for all things educational and just plain awesome! I LOVE it there and I adore Tiffany Tillman-Emanuel and the work she puts into the site. I have learned so much since being on the team and I confess that I felt pretty skilled before joining! It brings me so much joy to sit and listen to the monthly Champions lessons and try new things! I am a bit nerdy and adore learning and would love and take classes for things ALL THE TIME if I could! I have incorporated much of what I have learned into lots of pages and I am so grateful for that! 

A page I made using techniques and products from Scrapaneers Champions.

Another awesome team I have is for Simple Scrapper. Once upon a time I wrote an article for the first Everyday Storyteller book and I have been a fan of Jennifer Wilson and all that she stands for and brings to scrapbooking ever since! Much of what Simple Scrapper stands for is the same as what I stand for. Making your memory keeping easier and faster. Getting you tell stories and just get them down more than anything. With a Simple Scrapper membership you get an awesome resource library full of templates and journal prompts to help you with memory keeping. There are also classes to help you not just with scrapbooking, but with digital photos and things as well. It’s pretty awesome! 

Page using prompts and template from Simple Scrapper

I am so overjoyed to be working on the Paislee Press creative team this year. I ADORE Liz and everything she does and stands for. She is such an inspiration to me and all of her work is lovely! Her minimalist style and just so perfect and makes memory keeping so easy. 

Using goodies from Paislee Press

Lastly! I am so excited and overjoyed to be a part of the Project Life Digital Creative Team. Working with the PL team is a HUGE dream come true for me and I could not be more excited and more proud. I am going to a special separate post all about Project Life, what it means to me, and what my goals for documenting 2017 are using the pocket system. It is the BEST and the easiest way to document your memories quickly and easily. Plus Becky is pretty much the nicest and most inspiring person ever! The team I have met and had contact with so far are just as amazing and it means a lot to me be able to work with them all and work with other super crazy talented scrapbookers and memory keepers!!!! 

Ok WHEW! That is it for my 2017 creative team gigs at the moment! Which I think tells you a bit about me, my mission and what scrapbooking means to me!! I will definitely be back VERY SOON with another post about me and how my memory keeping hopes, dreams, and rambles!!! Here is to a fantastic 2017!!!