I don’t think words can properly express how excited I am to be on the Project Life digital creative team this year. It feels like it was ages ago that I had applied and then weeks and weeks passed so I assumed I wasn’t chosen. I went and bought the core kit I wanted to use for 2017 (P52 Fresh if you’re curious!) and moved on! Then…one cold and dreary December day, I got an email from Becky Higgins. THE Becky Higgins. I shrieked and I squealed and I told my husband and then had to promise not to tell another person until December 31! 😮 It was miserable not sharing with everyone but totally worth the wait! I am truly honored to be part of such an incredible team of memory keepers!!

So! I thought since you will be seeing quite a few (probably all) of my Project Life pages this year, that I would share with you what it actually is and how I do it digitally! I will have another post about my PL process…editing photos…picking a core kit…What doing Project Life actually means to me…etc. It would be so much talking that I don’t want to give too much info all at once. I am terrible at reigning in my chatter…as you can see! Most of you are probably here on my wee little blog because you know me from digital scrapbooking. I *think* most of you know what Project Life is, but just in case I will explain Digital Project Life the best that I can!

Project Life was founded by Becky Higgins is basically memory keeping made easy. In traditional Project Life, you start (generally) with a 12×12 plastic pocket page with various pockets and sizes. You print your photos and put them in the pockets and then fill the remaining pockets with the cards. The majority of cards are sized 3×4 and 4×6 and you can journal on them or use some with designs on them as filler cards. That is it. For traditional Project Life you really do just need pocket pages, a core kit (that comes with all your cards), a pen, and a way to print your photos. 

Digital Project Life, is basically the same concept, but you create your pages AND THEN print them or put them into a photo book.I create my pages in Photoshop Elements. It is just what I have always used so I feel the most comfortable with it! I edit all of my photos (almost exclusively using actions by Sarah Cornish) and then I find the core kit I am using in my files and open up the cards that I want/need. I almost always bring in more cards than necessary to try to decide which ones look and fit the best. My process is a bit visual so I need to see different options in all the spots. Once all of your photos and cards are in your spots you can journal/type right there in elements OR you can print it and then hand write your journaling. I have terrible handwriting so I prefer to type it. It just looks so much better than if I had written on the cards. 


2016 Title Page using Everyday Edition


 I have been working on doing 2016 and the page above my title page! The hardest part for me and digital project life is deciding on what cards to use, because I LOVE them all so much! In the page above, I edited my photos in Photoshop Elements, opened up my template and cards and just clipped them to the template. Added “The Livesay Family | 2016 ” (font used on that was Montserrat) and then flattened and saved. It is now ready to be put into a photobook or printed! It was so easy too! 

If you would like to get started doing Digital Project Life, head to the store HERE and then find the FREEBIE section and download some goodies and start playing! Once you are comfy with doing it, grab a core kit that will work for tons of pics (pretty much any of them!) and you are set!! 

I cannot wait to share more about Digital Project Life and my process with you all this coming year! It is going to be so fun and I am so excited to hopefully encourage you all to start recording your everyday! If you ever have any questions feel free to contact me via the contact bar on top and I will reply back as soon as I can! I love to help and will gladly make some tutorials and videos for you to explain things more clearly if needed!