ETA: You know those moments where you are just sitting there drinking some tea, watching some Bones and snacking and you feel like you forgot something? So then you have an ah-ha! moment and realize you forgot to make sure you blog post went up on time. So you hop on the computer to check and it’s just sitting there..all drafted and not scheduled. I’m so sorry sorry guys! I have been battling a migraine for 3 days now and it’s wearing on me pretty badly. I just forgot to click publish. Here it is now though! 

If you know me, you know I feel pretty passionately about storytelling. If you don’t know me, now you do! These next few weeks, you will REALLY get to know me as I get quite rambly with my cathartic/journal heavy pages so I share quite a bit. Maybe even too much so I apologize in advance. 

When I see people discussing things that they find difficult in regards to scrapbooking, I almost always hear journaling mentioned by more than a few people. Of course the things that trouble some probably don’t trouble everyone, but if I can help someone in this craft that is my passion, I love to be able to do so! If someone who knows me in real life happens to be reading this they would probably say that I am not really the best communicator. I don’t spill my heart out to everyone all the time. Honestly, I don’t open up well at all. I am constantly worried about burdening other people. I really do not want to add any of my issues on to someone else because I know that everyone has things. It would probably surprise my real life friends and family to know that I LOVE telling stories and documenting with words on my scrapbook pages. This wasn’t always the case, and there are days I still don’t journal tons, but I do so love to get things out that I don’t know how to speak out loud if that makes sense? When I was thinking about my goals for scrapbooking in 2017, one of them was to encourage people to tell stories more..again…still? Whatever the case my be, I want to be a cheerleader for YOU to feel like you can absolutely journal about anything and everything on your pages and it need not be hard or embarrassing or leave you stumped not knowing what to say.

I was so excited that Rachel of Captivated Visions, shared my vision for journaling and getting back to the storytelling aspect of scrapbooking. We both have a HUGE appreciate for the art of scrapbooking but believe so much in the process of documenting memories and thoughts with words. When we talked, my heart was so full and happy that we were on the same page with the same vision. I told her I wanted to do a series of templates and blog journal ideas and I let her become inspired and she created the move amazing kit for our first series together. Once I saw the kit I was so in awe of it. I knew it was going to be the perfect catalyst for some amazing journal pages! 

So beautiful right?! She is such an inspiration to me! So creative and original! I was so inspired as soon as I saw this kit! Here is my first page that I am going to use for the first journal idea! 

What is your “happy ever after”? How has it changed from what you wished for as a child?

For the most part, my idea of what I wanted has not changed much over the years…other than I realized I was never going to be a princess. When I was young and looked to my future, I always saw myself as a mom with a family, staying at home, doing the mom thing. It might not seem like much or seem that exciting to some, but it was what I always wanted. Of course there were things here and there I never accounted for. Trials I never expected to endure. Hardships I never thought would come to pass. All in all though, I am living my dream. I am actually living my happy ever after. I know that that seems hokey and slightly eye roll inducing, but it is true…for the most part. The trouble with this is…that it doesn’t always feel like a dream. It doesn’t always feel like happily ever after. When the kids are asking me something for eleventy billionth time, and I am changing the 6th poopy diaper while a couple kids are quite literally running around the house..all while fighting a does not feel like a dream. It feels so mundane and drab. It is actual work to tell myself that I am indeed very blessed. It’s hard sometimes to step back from your life and see the amazing things that are very much all you dreamed for. When you are in the middle of it, it doesn’t feel magical and wonderful like you thought it would. 

What was your happy ever after? Are you “living the dream” so to speak? Take some time to think about this and write it down! I would love for you to do some scrapbook pages along with me, but just doing some journaling is a great way to get your thoughts out too!

I have a set of templates that I created based after my 4 pages I did with this kit of Rachel’s. They would be a perfect jump start for you if you feel stuck.

Come back next Sunday for the next journal prompt and page inspiration! Make sure to buy the kit and templates this week while there is a Free With Purchase offer on each one though! I would hate for you to miss that! I will see you next week!