It feels like Spring has Sprung here in Indiana and it is amazing. I am sure that it will get cold still in a few days, but we have had the most beautiful and amazing sun filled days lately! I have done ZERO work and I just spent days with my sweet family. It was so needed. I get SAD fiercely. It is part of why I always dream of moving south. I need to not have Winter anymore. If you don’t believe that SAD is a real thing, come hang out with me in January here in Indiana and you can see how it affects me. It is really awful. Once we get more than 2 days in a row of sunshine I start to do a wee bit better. When you go about 30 days without seeing the sun at all, it is so depressing. It did end up pushing back this blog post though, and I am sorry! Plus when I tried to hop on to publish, the internet was down. Which is super frustrating because we had ATT out recently to fix the internet…*grumble grumble* It is here now and I hope that it inspires you!! 

Last week we talked about our “Happily Ever After” and how it is different or how it remains the same to what you envisioned for yourself when you were young. Today we are going to look past ourselves just a bit and think about someone else. The way we think about ourselves, directly effects how we relate to people. Insecurities shine through. We project our own thoughts and feelings onto others. Keep that in mind while working on today’s prompt.

Think of someone close to you, a child, a spouse, a friend…etc. in relation to you. What is one wish you have for that person?

In some ways, you will think that this doesn’t relate to YOU or AAM pages, but in reality it does. Like I touched on above, our own insecurities play such a role in what we want for our loved ones. When I think of my dear Stella, I see bits of myself in her. Some of that is good. Some of that is bad. There are so many things that I wish for her. Things that I wish for her as a person in general, like a shared faith and being a good and kind person. There are also things that I wish for her because I want her to be better than me. To be different than me. There are indeed aspects of myself that I am ok with. Things that I really can think I am ok at. I’m an insecure person and quite hard on myself, so I admit that there are more things I would like to change than would like her to emulate. 

Be reflective today about yourself and let that help guide your thoughts towards your wish for someone else. 

Some notes: You DO NOT have to share your journaling with anyone. As you can see in my example page today, I “wrote” very small and used a font that you can’t really read when written below 11 or 12 at this size on the interwebs. I get that it is personal and you don’t want everyone to read it. There are so many ways you can “hide” your journaling but still work on journaling or doing a page with some cathartic journaling. The goal is to get you more in tune with your feelings and just documenting things about yourself…because I know that it is hard! We are always so focused on documenting birthdays and holidays and our sweet children. These are great ways to get some of YOUR feelings down. 

Don’t forget to make sure you grab Rachel’s kit and my templates so you can work on these together with me! Of course, any products are GREAT to use but I think those are super awesome! 😉