So I recently posted a survey about blogs and this blog in particular to my newsletter subscribers and in one of my scrapbooking forums. If you took the time to fill it out, thank you! I appreciate and value you so much! The responses have been very interesting to read and a bit enlightening, though also confusing. Trying to remind myself that I cannot please everyone though I am taking all ideas and suggestions to heart. There is definitely a large group of people that believes that blogs are dead and a way of the past. Maybe that is true. Maybe it is not. There is another group of people still longing for the blog world and wanting much more connection. Not drop and go, or all the shiney happy posts found on social media. They crave a place for connection and to get a peek into someone’s world. Those are my people I think. That is so much how I feel. I am not a huge fan of social media, though I do believe it has it’s place. It has just become something different and I am not quite sure I like it. With all this being said, one of the questions was about the actual name “Live Your Stories”. A few people mentioned how terrible it would be for a name for an anything website. I am absolutely letting that soak in and percolate a wee bit to see how it settles. For a bit of information, I thought I would let you all know what the name means and where it comes from. Grab a cup of coffee and let’s have a little chat! 

live [liv] – to experience or enjoy to the full:

I have been digital scrapbooking for almost 10 years now. I have been designing templates for more than half of that time. Live Your Stories has been part of my name or website the whole time. It has/had dual meanings for me. Some of you might remember “Grow With Love” with sweet Sara Gleason. We started that project because we desperately wanted to have a positive impact on people and be an encouragement to others. We wanted to encourage you to step away from the computer. Hug the people you love. Spend a day full of yes with lots of giggles and smiles and love. It was a project meant to get people LIVING and creating stories. We did not care if you used our products or not. Just as long as you were out there making a conscience effort to have a positive impact on those around you. We also wanted you to work through difficult feelings. Feelings of pain and loss and hardship. This is an important thing to do so you can step out of the past and look forward and LIVE. This was one of the first and most rewarding projects I have done since designing. In order to physically and actually “grow with love” you have to live.You can’t just be stagnant. You have to be alive! You have to experience and enjoy life to the fullest! That has always been my hope for anyone and especially those I have had the blessing of encouraging through scrapbooking.

story [stawr-ee, stohr-ee] – a narration of the events in the life of a person or the existence of thing, or such events as a subject for narration:

As a storyteller, I want people to tell their stories. You can’t have stories if you aren’t living and growing and changing. What would the events you were talk about be, if not for living? They go absolutely hand in hand. There is a story in everything. EVERYTHING. What lead up to the moment. The feelings in the moment. The regrets of a moment. There is a history, current, and future in everyone’s life. All of these are stories. Your story matters. No matter what you think or how boring you think your life is. YOU matter. You have thoughts and feelings and you have had an impact on people around here, whether good or bad I suppose. I got through the hardest time in my life by telling my stories through scrapbooking. I believe in it. I believe in what it can do for your life, even if just internally! 

The word “Live” has been important to me to use, not just for the meaning, but for the correlation to my last name as well. I felt like it was part of myself while also being part of what I stand for. As the years have gone by I have taken up new hobbies. I have had other blogs and websites, feeling like I had to keep everything separate to not annoy people who are only interested in scrapbooking with my book reviews and things. Because of this, I was spread very thin on these interwebs. All of these sites, including this one, end up neglected. I will spend tons of time building it, getting it going and then I have to go back to another to do some posts after it had been too long. The more I tried, the more frustrated I became. Feeling like I was a failure for all of these things falling through the cracks, but so overwhelmed with ideas I wanted to share with others. I personally felt like this site, Live Your Stories, could be the perfect catch all. It was me. It has been me forever. Everything I want to share and post is about living life to the fullest in whatever way they can. However, I know that that could be confusing for people or make them frustrated when they haven’t seen any posts for so long and then find a book review or recipe or some such. That is where the survey came in. I will definitely be keeping it up a wee bit longer and taking all of your thoughts and comments to heart. I just though maybe this teensy bit of information might help people understand a little bit better!