Hello World! | Book Review: Known

Hello there beautiful world! It has been so long since I kept up with this site! I always have grand plans but if you know me, you know that I always have a million grand plans and it’s so hard for them all to be followed through with! I cannot wait to share all of […]

Project Life Page Share

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I have been so busy hiding from the world during the dark Winter and then enjoying the sunshine filled days of our Spring preview, that I have missed sharing some of my recent pages! I thought today I would share some of my pocket pages with you! I am still so in love with digital […]

Note to Self: Live Your Dream | Part 2

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It feels like Spring has Sprung here in Indiana and it is amazing. I am sure that it will get cold still in a few days, but we have had the most beautiful and amazing sun filled days lately! I have done ZERO work and I just spent days with my sweet family. It was […]

Note to Self: Live Your Dream | Part 1

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ETA: You know those moments where you are just sitting there drinking some tea, watching some Bones and snacking and you feel like you forgot something? So then you have an ah-ha! moment and realize you forgot to make sure you blog post went up on time. So you hop on the computer to check […]

Currently Reading | January

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Once upon a time..I read all the time. I mean ALL THE TIME. When I was younger I thought I was being such a rebel by sneakily reading books all night long instead of sleeping. I literally would read and read and read. Once I had my oldest almost 13 years ago my reading stopped […]

What is Digital Project Life?

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I don’t think words can properly express how excited I am to be on the Project Life digital creative team this year. It feels like it was ages ago that I had applied and then weeks and weeks passed so I assumed I wasn’t chosen. I went and bought the core kit I wanted to […]

Weekly Layout Share | January 8

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Hello Everyone! I thought I would be better about sharing my weekly layouts with you all! A lot of my templates are based after these pages so it might be fun for you see the originals! All pages will be linked to an online gallery if you would like see full credits.  

Welcome to Live Your Stories | About Me

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Hello everyone! I thought my first post on my brand new blog and website should be an introduction of sorts! Most of you who made it here probably already know me and I love you so much! I am so grateful for the people in my life and in my creative life who have been […]